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Dörte-Ina Liebing, Germany

Dörte-Ina Liebing


I am a textile artist, I live and work in Germany. Since 2006 I have been focusing on textile materials and techniques. Before, I have graduated in economics (accounting/statistics) at the University of Leipzig and I am working as a tax counselor today. I am delighted having the opportunity to use both sides of the brain in my daily life. The analytic side is used in my main occupation as a tax advisor whereas I use the right side, the more creative side of the human brain, in my work as an artist.


I dye and print my own fabrics. Mostly I use natural materials as cotton, linen, silk and wool. I love screen printing but I am always experimenting with new techniques.


I am interested in social issues, especially in the way people interact and how they react in certain situations. I try to rebuild these motives with fabric layer by layer. Recently I have created more and more abstract quilts, where the interaction of colors and shapes play a significant role.


I find my inspiration in all aspects of my daily life, e.g. music, literature, geometry, nature and occasionaly in the daily argument with certain subjects.


If you would like to get more information about my work please visit my website.


Doerte-Ina Liebing