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Sandra van Velzen

Tiel, the Netherlands

I am a textile and mixed media artist from the Netherlands. I create both abstract and pictorial quilts.

The design of my work is sometimes driven by the theme of an (international) contest, sometimes by the theme of the art groups I am part of. Often it is inspired by what's on my mind. That can be the nature that surrounds me, a memory, or something that is bothering me.

Photography often plays a role in my designs, as part of the design, digital print or as inspiration. I dye and print my own fabric. 

By using new techniques and ideas about the application of them I tried to develop myself. I still use traditional techniques as base for my work, most of the time with the sewing machine but sometimes by hand.

Beside natural materials as cotton, silk and wool I use less common materials as foil, plastic, wire mesh and metal. Before and after quilting I treat the surface with textile paint, crayon or other materials.