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Wind Bell Sound

September 29, 2017







Karol gave us a very interesting challenge. I kept thinking and thinking.

Then, a wind bell rang under the eaves outside


of my house.

In Japan,we often hang a glass wind bell during the hot and humid summer season.

We feel cool with the wind bell sound.

 There also is an unforgettable autumn bell sound that makes us feel sad and lonely.

I like the wind sound through the glass bell.

When the wind blows tenderly,the bell rings tenderly too.





 I live in Gunma Prefecture which is famous for strong dry wind.

If the wind blows strongly,many bell sounds make a comfortable harmony.

 Sometimes we write a wish card under the bell and the wind sound carries our message

out somewhere ,bringing back good luck.

If I listen to the wind sound carefully, I know more about the feeling of nature.





20" ×14 "

 cotton  organdie

 applique. hand and machine stitching. embroidery


Togs: Gallery 1-1 Mikiko Takase







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