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The Gentle One

November 30, 2017

 The Gentle One

29.5" x 40.5"

@Colleen Kole 2017


Touch is a physical connection which, in turn, often leads to a heart and mind connection. A soul connection. This piece started with one intention but evolved to have another meaning as it was the events that happened during the making of the piece that determined it's name and meaning in my heart. 


To my gentle friend-

I thank you for the quiet mornings . Each and every morning when you greeted me with a happy tail wag and nudge to begin petting you. 

I thank you for anther nudge when I walked in the door and each time you again wanted a pet. 

I thank you for keeping my feet warm each night when I sat to read or surfed the internet for art.

You had the most incredibly thick coat of hair and it was the softest fur.


 "The Gentle One " Details



I thank you for me being my studio buddy for 10 and a half years. You laid in front of my design wall and moved about a thousand times each time I re -arranged a piece . Thanks for your patience when I became impatient with my art process. 


This was the last piece you "participated" in. You were a kind, gentle soul who touched my heart in more ways than I know. Miss you studio buddy. 




The Gentle One

29.5"x 40.5"

cotton hand dyed fabric, cotton threads

improvisationally pieced, machine quilted


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