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Take Me Home

January 31, 2018

Rooflines #16: Take Me Home

28.5" x 40"



Over the past 35 years, I have lived in 10 different houses in five different states. Moving to a new place was such a bright and shiny idea to begin with.  It was fun to think and dream of "starting over" in an exciting place. Six months into it, we thought we were crazy for leaving the previous place where we were comfortable and settled in. But , with time and a lot of effort,  they became homes with life events coming and going in their beings. They became cherished beings to us.

 Detail of Take Me HOME


Homes are important to us because of the people in them, the love and meals shared, and most importantly, the memories made within them. I cried buckets of tears saying goodbye to the sweetest and kindest of friends who made us their part of their homes and families. I remember in each of those homes sitting on the floor in an empty home after the moving truck came and went and saying goodbye to each of them. One of the goodbye times involved a sick child on my hip with croup, but I still took the time to thank my home. 


Detail of Take Me Home

No wonder so many song lyrics are written about home or include the word HOME in the title. Home is the second most popular topic to include in lyrics or have in the title of a song. What do you think is the first ? You are correct- love. 


Rooflines #16: Take me Home

Hand Dyed Fabrics

Machine pieced and Stitched

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