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February 1, 2018


I married a Dead Head. I knew this going into the marriage, but I didn’t really know what it meant.


We spent our younger pre-kid years going to music festivals also known as “Following the Dead”. While seeing the Dead was the preferred experience, we attended all sorts of live music festivals in the midwest.


Eventually we migrated north, had children, and settled into adulthood, but my husband is still a Dead Head. This means he is the guy with tie dye t-shirt and Birkenstocks on.


As I am piecing quilts, my husband often makes suggestions about what I should name them. I would say that at least half of my quilts are named by Walt.


This quilt started as a sample for the chapter in my book on triangles. Unfortunately, I did not finish the quilt in time for it to be included in the book. 


Months later, I put in back on the design wall. 



At the same—seriously, within days of each other these events happened.


1. I received the Cloth in Common prompt for our next quilt. The prompt was “Lyrically Inspired”.


2. Walt came into my studio and said “You should name that quilt Lucy.”



I knew exactly what he was talking about. 


And there you have it. This quilt is called Lucy after Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles.



40'' x 30''




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