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kitchen is my wonderland

February 6, 2018

Kitchen Inspiration


Thank you Regina!

Kitchen is very comfortable place for me.

I like spending there a long time, cooking over making quilts.

It brings some ideas for my arts.


I put a lot of stuff on the fridge door with the magnets.

Picture cards, recipes and schedule calendars.

I especially like English word board, and some patches.

How many times a day do you open the door of fridge?

Whenever I open the door I am able to confirm them.

They show me a lot of inspiration what should I do today.


Well I like food bottles, Wine bottle, Pickles jar, Ketchup bottle, Soy sauce bottle and so on.

They are not only colorful but interesting for their unique shape.

And label designs are also cool, I think.

After empty them, I’m reluctant to throw away that pretty bottles.


That’s way, I can say, kitchen is my wonderland.

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