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Spring Fever

May 3, 2018


I've never been quite sure what "spring fever" really is. Sometimes it seems to mean something positive—renewed energy, the appreciation of the beauty of the return of good weather and blooming flowers and growing things. Sometimes it's something else—lethargy, lack of focus, schoolchildren restlessly letting their minds wander far from the task at hand. Whatever it is I think I'm suffering from every symptom. How about you?  I am, at once, energized by our blooming garden, and rendered useless by clouds of pollen that leave me sneezy and watery-eyed and exhausted. 


 I am loving my morning walks with views of baby ducks and blooming wildflowers, but ready for a nap afterward. I am filled with ideas and then lazy and forgetful.


My spring-inspired piece for our next reveal seemed like such a good idea when it came to me, but, oh my, I think my plan, involving many, many pieces of fabric, is turning into a lot more work than my spring fevered brain is ready for. But I will soldier on and hope for a burst of energy when it all begins to come together! After all, I am reminded that Mother Nature seems not to mind creating complex and challenging designs.




 Spring fever isn't fatal, just sort of pleasantly debilitating. Best, I reckon, to simply give in to it. We'll probably all survive...








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