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Under the moonlight

October 1, 2018

Terry's prompt "night" is something I wanted to try someday.

"Night" does not show everything in detail like day.

At night, the scenery of the city changes into colorful with artificial light, but nature show its color in the dark in a soft light.

Among them, the moon hanging in the night sky softly covers mountains, the sea, and the ground with warm light.

 Nature that have received the moonlight show a color different from the daytime, and looks soft and not strong.

Sometimes when I see the moon hanging in the night sky, my thoughts in my head stop for a while and I become emotional.



I like the full moon. It is because the soft moonlight that comes from the round sphere shape is beautiful. and the view from the beach is more beautiful. Full moon, moonlight, sound of waves, moon shadows reflected in the waves and so on.

When I was young, I often saw this landscape in my hometown. At that time, I just thought it was "beautiful". As I live in a big city, I truly realized the value of that beauty at that time.

The experience I encountered at that time in nature has become a treasure of my precious memory.

So, this work was created based on the landscape in my memories.


Under the moonlight

Eunhee Lee


commercial cotton, hand dyed cotton

machine pieced, machine quilted,raw-edge appliqued


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