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10,000 Lakes

October 31, 2018


     I have to say when I think of the word water the first thing that pops into my head is Michigan lakes. To those of you from other countries,  Michigan is in the Midwestern section of the US and has an upper and lower peninsula. The lower peninsula is shaped like a mitten.



     We do not actually have 10,000 lakes.  Minnesota, our neighbor, has more than 10,000 lakes. When I did some research, we have 7,613 lakes greater than 10 acres. To me, anything less than 10 acres are just ponds but no one asked me. We are bordered by 4 great lakes: Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Superior, and Lake Huron.


      I spent my summers growing up an inland lakes and also on Lake Michigan. So many fond memories and lots of sand between our toes. To me, it is never summer unless I spend some time at Lake Michigan. The sand is sugar sand and fine.  The water blue and clear and almost always cold but refreshing. I guess this next summer I will have more time to do that.


     Maybe I should learn to be a swimmer. I made sure my kids knew how to swim because I never could swim well.  Could it be a 2019 goal?



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