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Melting down

November 27, 2018

Since I live in the Netherlands, which partly lays below sea level, water always plays an important role in this country. After a winter with a lot of rain and flooding riviers, a very dry summer followed. The wetlands near my house turned into meadows. With grazing cows at the bottom of what used to be a river. But, for the future the problems of our country are much bigger. With the rising temperatures the sea level will rise as well. This will cause a huge pressure on our coastline and the dikes along our rivers. So, the approach of my design was about rising sea levels. 

Like Leah I love breakdown printing very much. I made several prints to represent icebergs and dripping. 


 the icebergs and the drips are appliqué, as well as the earth. 

 The earth, from the Europe point of view of course, is painted. The drops are first sewed in and painted after.

Unfortunately I made a writing error while converting inches to centimeters so now it isn't 102 cm but 112 cm. 

As a symbol for the rising sea levels my earth is floating in the sea, which is filled with drops of melting down icebergs.


Size 30x44 inch, breakdown printing, dyeing, painting, paintstik, applique




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