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Warming Waters

November 30, 2018


When we got our prompt “Water” from Sandra my first thoughts were about the oceans. They are in peril right now and so essential for life on earth.  I thought about the floating plastic in our oceans that kills marine wildlife and pollutes the environment of so many species. But then I read some new scientific findings about the rate of coral bleaching, and that future generations most likely won’t be able to see healthy coral reefs anymore. Palau has now become the first nation on earth to ban sun screens that contain oxybenzone, which is apparently toxic to the corals. Of course, the main reason for the distress of the coral reefs is the warming temperature of the ocean waters.



I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity 20 years ago to visit the Great Barrier Reef off the Australian coast. It was an incredible experience and I treasure it. Already back then the guides told us that we should enjoy it as the eco system was hurting from rising temperatures and would not last forever. Nothing seems to have halted this negative development, it seems that humankind is content to just give up on this issue.



 I decided to make my piece about bleached and dying corals, ghostly white instead of colourful. The water is mostly red to depict the rising temperature. A good friend gave me some lovely shibori dyed fabrics that were perfect for this. I printed and resist painted the corals onto the backgrounds and quilted the finished collage with wavy lines and bubbles to reference water.



What a great prompt to make us all think!


Warming Waters

w 30" x h 40"





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