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On Time

December 4, 2018


Time is one of the most equitable thing in our life.

But it is a bit different in usage depending on national character.


“The National Character Joke of Time”

At the meeting

Japanese arrive at 1 hour before.

British people arrive at 10 minutes before.

Americans arrive at exactly time.

The French arrive at 5 minutes late.

Italian arrive at………..?


How about the character of your country?

Do you agree with this joke ?

Indeed, my American English teacher appears exactly in time every week.

And it is true that the Japanese are tough on time.


I think one of the reason that it is related to have four seasons in Japan.

Japanese have deep feelings towards the season.

We are always chasing the next season.

That makes us feel busy.

Just my idea.


Now, I’m spending a lot of time for my life.

Do you think we still have enough time or It’s not much anymore。

It depends on our feeling。





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