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A lot of time in my hands

January 29, 2019

Since exactly four years I have a lot of time on my hands.

This 1st of February four years ago we found a special care home for our multiple handicapped daughter. She is now 21 years of age. Her body functions as a body of a 7 month old baby and her mind as a 7 year old person. She can't talk either. So, she needs a lot of care, 24/7, every day of her life. Up until 4 years ago we took care of here together. Most of the time I did, but also my husband and 2 sons spend a lot of time with her. Just before Christmas four years ago we had the chance of a lifetime. Although we where not active searching for a place to live for her, it came upon our path.


After a short period of consideration we decided that it was THE place to be for her. And so, on February the 1st 2015 she 'moved into the dorm', as my student sons call it. 

We call it Life 2.0. Before I could only be busy with my textiles, dyes and paints in the time left. Since Life 2.0 there is a lot of time in my hands. And a lot of color on my hands. 

For me, time has redefined itself.


To make this quilt I started with a selfie of my own hands.

I used fabric in my favorite primary and secondary colors to form the hands. It had to be colorful because I spend my time with lots of colorful fabric, dyes, paints, pencils, etc. 


I made a silk screen with lots of symbols of time: clocks, hourglasses, the word Time, gears, alarm clocks etc. It is used in the background as well as on the hands. 


I used yogurt to find out how moist would act in my hands.


The size is 40x30 inch.


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