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February 9, 2019

According to Scientific America, “Wormholes are solutions to the Einstein field equations for gravity that act as "tunnels," connecting points in space-time in such a way that the trip between the points through the wormhole could take much less time than the trip through normal space.”



I didn’t start out thinking I would make a wormhole, but as the composition evolved the name presented itself and stuck.



It really does look like a swirling hole, and if you fell down it, you might just land in a parallel universive. 



Of course, all the other imagined images of wormholes are dark as night.



But what if the wormhole was built in color? Wouldn’t that be even more fun to travel through?



The Time Traveler’s Wife is one of my favorite books. Who doesn't love a good time travel story?


Living in Alaska, I think it would be great if I could travel through chimney’s Harry Potter style. 


This piece features some new construction techniques that I have been playing with, but I had not tried them out in a larger composition. 



This resulted in quite a bit of wasted time (unsewing) to get the the final composition to lay flat. Time was not on my side here. 


But it was totally worth it. I learned a lot about curves. 



Love the wormhole and the joureny it took to get here.

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