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X , O

March 31, 2019

This work was a difficult challenge for me.

I took approach to this piece with a more negative and improvised perspective.

I was inspired by " X,O" painted on the wall, and I used this symbol to represent thoughts such as " discord, disagreement, disunity, opposite, etc".



 Theoretically, "X" and "O" clearly represent the "opposite", which can never be matched. But in the real world we live in, it does not seem to be. At some point, "X" may become "O", and at another point "O" may be "X". I think this is a situation that often happens in reality. Thus, in reality, I tried to express in my piece the thought that a lot of "X" and "O" are mixed.


X , O

w 30" x h 40"

cotton, acrylic paint

deconstructed screen printing, hand dyed, machine quilted, machine pieced



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