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February 11, 2020

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February 1, 2020

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Multiple Identities

June 25, 2019




I was thinking about our last theme, Masks, and how this new one really ties neatly into it. I think we all have within us multiple identities, which we show to the world wearing different hats or masks. Not to be confused with multiple personality disorder which can manifest in two or more distinct and dissociative personalities, comes with memory gaps and other symptoms and is a mental illness. No, I’m just talking about the fact that we sometimes have different cultural outlooks in our life.


Multiple identities that I manage are my psychological self identity, my relational identity, f.e. being a mother, as well as the sociological/cultural identity that is defined by belonging to groups and communities.


I’m interested in exploring the concept of the latter, especially with regards to having more than one cultural identity.




For me, this is fascinating and pertinent in that I’m part of two cultures as I’m living in a different country than I grew up in. It changes my outlook on a lot of things, and is definitely part of my identity.  This part of my identity seems to not have a total permanence and continuity over time, like my psychological self identity, as these social group identities can change. At any given time I feel like a mosaic of different identities.


I have an idea how I want to visualize this, and I hope it will work!


Here is a tiny peak of my work in progress:



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