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February 11, 2020

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February 1, 2020

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July 30, 2019



I have always been fascinated by the ongoing discussion of nature vs nurture.


Basically the question is—are our identities formed by our genetics or by the circumstances of our lives?


Over time, scientists have concluded that BOTH genetics and circumstances shape us. Still, which is the stronger component?


In vegan health, doctors say, genetics is the gun, diet is the trigger. Meaning, you are given a particular set of genes which may or may not be predisposed towards health problems, but if you eat a healthy diet full of plant foods you may be able to control those genes.


I think this idea can be applied to most aspects of our lives. We are given a particular set of genes, and we’ve got to navigate life within the parameters of the nurture/opportunities/ circumstances of our lives. 


This quilt did not start out to be about DNA. It was originally about the scraps left over from Wormhole. It is also about me trying to play around with minimalism.


Every time I showed this quilt to friends or family, someone would comment, “It looks like DNA!” And so it does. 


Just another example of nature (me wanting to always play with scraps) colliding with nurture (people seeing my work and commenting) leading me to the place where I am now.



27'' x 40''





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