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"I'm Here" Identity

July 29, 2019



There is no word that accurately represents “Identity” in Japanese language. People in Japan relate as community. The name written above was not intentionally written with all capital letters for the family name. I was surprised to see I had done that. Japanese people usually address me as Takase San rather than Mikiko. They tend to give priority to the whole over the individual.


I never thought about it deeply before. Usually I feel relief to be thought of as the same as everyone. For example, most students in Japan quilt making classes make pieces that are the same as the teacher’s model.


The prompt of “Identity” gives me an opportunity to think about my own identity. I am just beginning to find me.



                                                               Detail from the piece above


                                                                  “Japanese Festival”

                                                                     Please find me.

                                                                       “I’m here”






Cotton fabric

Machine sawing  embroidery


30"x 40"


Tags; Identity 2-1 Mikiko Takase



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