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February 11, 2020

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February 1, 2020

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Unique Identities

July 30, 2019


My final piece for the theme “Identity” is somewhat different from what I envisioned initially, and what I wrote in my last blog post. Instead of focussing on the multiple identities that one person might have I ended up with a piece that speaks (at least to me) about the diverse identities that we all have and that make us unique in our societies.


We have the same basic fabric, our shared humanity.


But we all have different backgrounds, where we come from, our experiences, memories, different conditions growing up etc.


We all have our own colour, that what makes us unique. Some of us stand more out than others, some are more subtle, some blend in. Some are a bit frayed around the edges. But we are all unique individuals, with different outlooks and our own story.


To me, this piece celebrates the diverse identities that make up our societies and enrich our lives. The more colours the better!


There are words machine quilted into the perimeter, these are: Identity, Belonging, Diversity, Community, Story, Background, Group, Inclusion, Memories, Love.



Unique Identitites

w 25 1/4" x h 40"

mono printed and hand dyed fabric, hand embroidery and machine stitching


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