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Thoughts on Reflections

September 10, 2019


After the prompt was announced, I took this picture.  It is reflections in the broken lens of an old car’s headlight.

It called to me.

What to do with it.  I decided to get it printed onto cotton (by Fabric on Demand), and then figure it out.

I woke up one morning thinking: Forgive old mistakes. Heal old wounds.  Mend old sorrows.

So here I had “reflections” (i.e. thoughts) on Reflections. I wanted to include those words somehow.

When the fabric came, I had an idea based on a whole cloth quilt, but it wasn’t working.  Too brown – no contrast – it bored me.

Then base on a small illustration in NYT Review of Books of trees and their reflection, I decided to instead use the cloth to make trees (and their reflections).

I’m headed to a Pennsylvania SAQA retreat for 3 days. I intend to work intensively on this. We shall see what I come up with!

それをどうするか。 Fabric on Demandで綿にプリントして、それを理解することにしました。
それから、NYT Review of Trees and their reflectionの小さなイラストに基づいて、代わりに布を使用して木(およびその反射)を作成することにしました。

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