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Too Many Airports

October 10, 2019


Our new CLOTH IN COMMON prompt of INTERNATIONAL really appealed to me. I travel a lot - top level frequent flyer category lots. Glamorous? Fun? Exciting? Well maybe sometimes.


Most of my time travelling is dragging myself through enormous airports. Packing bags to fit within weight limits and hoping desperately they end up at the same place as me.


Anyone who has stood in long lines shuffling towards a bored checkin person smiling desperately so they will give you an aisle seat will know what I mean. No, I don't travel up the pointy end. I used to when I worked for an airline so it is probably even more frustrating when you know what is to the left when you enter the long metal tube and are told to turn right and keep going all the way to the back


The destinations are usually wonderful and the people you meet are interesting and welcoming but the journeys are often exhausting and frustrating.


So my immediate thought for this prompt when I heard it was Airports. Long interesting lines, large window, lots of people. There is also lots of interesting artwork.

So at this early stage that is where my mind is going. It may change but I leave for another long trip in a few weeks with far too many transit waits so I'll see what my camera finds..



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