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November 5, 2019



“The Olympics are Coming, The Olympics are Coming.”


 Japan is excited to welcome the Olympics to Tokyo. People are quickly studying English to welcome   everyone to the Olympics.


 Japan wants to be an International nation, but the truth is that most people are poor English   speakers.

 Why is that when Japanese students study English for six years?


Here are some reasons:

1 Japan is an island nation separated from other countries and languages by oceans and seas so we   have few opportunities to speak English.

2 The country was often closed to outside visitors during its long history so developed its own           language.

3 Japanese people tend to be shy, reserved and reluctant to speak English unless they know the   language perfectly.


Here comes Japanese technology to help solve this problem. “Poke Talk” is a translator able to translate conversation in 74 languages. I hope this helps me to converse about quilt art in English and

help Japan welcome the world to our beautiful country.

























helps Japan welcome the world to our beautiful country.

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