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Meditation and Praise

November 26, 2019

We are focusing on communities this round. Our current theme is 'International'.

In January of 2018, I was fortunate to travel to Japan and spend two weeks there touring and participating in several fiber related workshops along the way.  One of the museums we visited was the Amuse museum, which exhibited various Boro textiles.  Many of these were items of clothing which had been repaired and patched and re-patched with numerous running stitches. 




Naturally, I purchased fabrics during the tour, and I was inspired to do some boro stitching in the evenings, or on long train or bus rides.  Most of the right side sleeve of Meditation and Praise was made while on the actual tour. All of the fabrics in this quilt were purchased in Japan, or given to me by my Japanese friend, Mikiko Takase. 

When we received the prompt ‘International’, I pulled out my Japanese fabrics, and rediscovered the small boro piece that I had already begun.  I decided to make a kimono shaped quilt, and expand on that original small work.  I drew out a kimono shape on a large piece of batting. Fabrics, old and new, were patched onto the batting, overlapping and filling in the space.  I enjoyed remembering my discoveries on the trip and thinking about the Japanese people that we got to meet there. It was my great pleasure to visit their community!

I was highly impressed by their work ethic, patience, over-the-top effort and attention to detail. It showed in the fine art, crafts, and quilts that we got to see during the tour.

Completing the many rows of hand stitching was relaxing and meditative.  Hence, the title, Meditation and Praise.

(Thank you, again, Lisa Walton, for guiding us on such a fantastic tour.)



(When I finished this piece, I wanted to take it outside and beat it with rocks, and leave it in the sun, so it would look old.)


Meditation and Praise

37.5 x 40.5"

Hand applique, hand boro stitching and quilting





37.5 x 40.5インチ


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