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January 31, 2020

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The Weedy Patch

January 29, 2020


We have a certified Pollinator Friendly yard. One of the requirements is to leave part of the property unmown. This is one of the first steps anyone can take to make it critter friendly.  


We also eliminate pesticide and herbicide use, and choose native species to grow. And we are constantly battling the invasive Multiflora Rose, Tearthumb and Autumn Olive, as well as the beautiful but destructive Spotted Lantern Fly. This quilt pays homage to that first step--don't mow a patch!

Martha Ressler

Un-Mown 2

40 x 32"

Raw edge applique, fused cotton fabric.


また、農薬と除草剤の使用を排除し、成長する在来種を選択します。そして、私たちは常に侵略的なMultiflora Rose、Tearthumb、Autumn Olive、そして美しいが破壊的なSpotted Lantern Flyと戦っています。このキルトは、その最初のステップに敬意を表します-パッチを刈らないでください!
40 x 32 "


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